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A CEO, Senior Leader, Mentor, Prophet and HR Consultant are just a few hats that Natasha Glasgow wears. In addition to the various professional roles demanded of her, she is also a wife and proud mother of two boys. She is an outspoken and committed individual who has a passion to help others attain the resources and wisdom needed to get them to their next level! An avid person big on integrity, character, and taking no prisoners when it comes to executing in excellence. Natasha will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in business management in 2024. Although Natasha is a boss in the marketplace, she is a worshiper in private. Be prepared to glean from both her struggles and successes. You will be impacted by the wisdom, experiences, and transparent conversation which have been orchestrated to catapult you to a higher level!

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Natasha Glasgow


Is this You?

  • Are you a  business owner or desire to start a business?

  • Do you desire find balance between the different demands of life?

  • Do you feel that there is more/ better and ready to take the steps to achieve greatness?

  • Desire the resources and strategies needed to achieve what you were created to do?

  • Do you desire Healing & Deliverance?

  • Do you desire Prophetic Insight & Wisdom?

  • Are you ready to receive business and leadership etiquette?

      ...& much More

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What  is Included?

Private Facebook Community

Prophetic Insight &

Free 1 on 1 session

Access to Business Resources

WHOLE Women Merchandise

Pop-up Guest Influencers 

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