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My desire is to help you to be complete, balanced, and successful in all areas of your life! So if you feel like there is something hindering you (meaning the WHOLE you) from going to the next level or living on the level you desire to be, this mentorship is for you! 


Wealth is not just about obtaining money. It is a mindset that requires the discipline of applying wisdom and knowledge to obtain the resources which will be beneficial to you personally and generationally. We will be exploring our mindset in relation to wealth. Be prepared to create a personal action plan to get to the root of what has been allowing poverty and lack to hinder the growth and expansion needed for you to thrive at the level your life requires.


Health goes beyond the individual’s physical well-being. It is also important to have a strong, emotionally balanced state of mind. This is where we get to discover how much disfunction has played a part in attempting to bring balance to your life. It is time for you to discover and assess your trigger points. This is where you will make the conscious decision to expose covered wounds, fix damages, and handle unsettled conflicts you have been overlooking for years. Health starts from the core WITHIN; beyond the bruises on the surface of your SKIN.


I believe that there is a standard of God in our response to him. This also comes by way of accomplishing what God has placed in your hands to do. This is the time to break procrastinations, limitations, excuses, and the inability to focus. You will learn how not to make the “I CAN’T” factor bigger than the greater “I AM” in you!


The glass ceiling of society has traditionally confined you to lead with limitations. However, it is crucial to also understand the limitations you have built for yourself. I want to introduce you to the notion that although gender may not be enough to open the door, character is the key component to bring the glass ceiling down. The fruits of your labor are not just what you produce, but how you manage the production along the way. Although you may have the ability to lead, you will learn how to do it from the right altitude.


Before owning an LLC, non-profit, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc., you were always the CEO of your life! Think about the various things that you have been able to manage, plan, and execute in relation to family, parenting, jobs, or simply paying the bills. I’ve come to challenge the lie you tell yourself that you are not qualified. Life has qualified you - and being a creative overcomer has certified you! This is where you learn to be resourceful, adaptable, and influential…Like a BOSS!!!

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